Thursday 28 April 2011

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The Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) brings a flood of emotions to every rider involved – you only have to look at the tortured faces of the finishers on the final day to see how much the iconic event means to them. For last year’s winner Alexz Wigg, the centenary SSDT that will take place in and around Fort William from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th May, marks a particularly special occasion as he once again attempts to recreate his magical win from 2010.

“It is hard to put into words how much the SSDT means to me if I’m honest – in my mind it’s the single most important event of the year and certainly my favourite. Winning last year was a dream come true. Lots has changed since then with many of the top riders changing manufacturers, including myself,” explained the current trophy holder.

2011 sees Alexz move under the Sherco awning and he will take advantage of having multi SSDT winner Malcolm Rathmell as his manager come mentor this time around. As the 2011 edition of the SSDT marks the centenary of the event, each rider will feel increased pressure to produce a memorable performance, but with Alexz he also has the added weight of looking to repeat last year’s victory bearing on his young shoulders.

“I definitely feel under pressure to perform well at this years event with it being the 100th anniversary and as I won last year. I’m obviously aware people will be expecting a lot from me, but I’m confident I can fight for the win. No one puts more pressure on me than myself and I know what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it. When it comes to the SSDT there are a handful of riders in the UK who are capable of taking the win and we’ve all changed manufacturers this year so I guess we’re on a pretty even playing field,” said twenty-one year old Alexz.

With the first three rounds of the domestic championship out of the way Alexz has spent the last few weeks training towards the SSDT, making sure his fitness and endurance are 100% before the event.

“The SSDT is only a few days away now and we are making our final checks to the machine. I’ve spent plenty of time on my Sherco over the last few weeks and I’m feeling good. My fitness is at an all time high and I’ve not felt so comfortable on a bike for a long time. Getting a good first day at the SSDT is critical as one small mistake can ruin your chances for the rest of the week. Providing I have a little luck, I know I’m in a really strong position to fight for the win and I can’t wait to get going – I love this event,” concluded Alexz..

Marking its centenary, the 2011 Scottish Six Days Trial will take place in and and around Fort William between Monday 2nd and Saturday 7th May - for more details please visit

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Previous winners - 1972-2010

2010 - Alexz Wigg - Beta
2009 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
2008 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
2007 - James Dabill - Montesa
2006 - Graham Jarvis - Sherco
2005 - Sam Connor - Sherco
2004 - Graham Jarvis - Sherco
2003 - Joan Pons - Sherco
2002 - Amos Bilbao - Montesa
2001- Cancelled - Foot + Mouth
2000 - Steve Colley - Gas Gas
1999 - Graham Jarvis - Bultaco
1998 - Graham Jarvis - Scorpa

1997 - Steve Colley - Gas Gas
1996 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
1995 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
1994 - Dougie Lampkin - Beta
1993 - Steve Colley - Beta
1992 - Steve Colley - Beta
1991 - Steve Saunders - Beta
1990 - Steve Saunders - Beta
1989 - Steve Saunders - Fantic
1988 - Steve Saunders - Fantic
1987 - Jordi Tarres - Beta
1986 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic
1985 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic

1984 - Thierry Michaud - Fantic
1983 - Toni Gorgot - Montesa
1982 - Bernie Schreiber - SWM
1981 - Gilles Burgat - SWM
1980 - Yrjo Vesterinen - Montesa
1979 - Malcolm Rathmell - Montesa
1978 - Martin Lampkin - Bultaco
1977 - Martin Lampkin - Bultaco
1976 - Martin Lampkin - Bultaco
1975 - Mick Andrews - Yamaha
1974 - Mick Andrews - Yamaha
1973 - Malcolm Rathmell - Bultaco
1972 - Mick Andrews - Ossa



The event actually originated as a five-day reliability trial back in July 1909, before being extended to a six-day competition a year later. However the start of the Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT) proper as organised by the then newly formed Edinburgh and District Motor Club began in 1911. In those early years the trial started and finished in Edinburgh with the route taking the riders to John O’Groats and back over the course of the week. Fort William was introduced as the hub for the event in 1938, although the start and finish remained in Edinburgh, which continued to be the case until all links with the Scottish city were cut in 1977. Today the SSDT consists of six different daily routes that total approximately five hundred miles, which begin and end in Fort William each day.
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